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4 Tips to Choose the Ideal Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are becoming a new trend in the market. These days, nearly all business organizations are using wall decals for promoting their products/services as well as offering a perfect working environment for their employees at work. Besides, on most occasions, people prefer to use wall stickers in their home for internal decoration and to make the room more colorful. However, if you don’t have a fair knowledge about wall stickers, you may end up making a wrong purchase.

Hence, to help you out, we have listed four essential tips that you need to consider while purchasing wall stickers.

       1. Size of the Wall Sticker

At the time of your purchase, you are expected to know the exact size of the sticker that you need for your wall. Therefore, it is highly recommended to measure the space available for the sticker. While calculating the area, it is highly recommended to leave at least 12 inches of distance between the edge of the wall and that of the stickers.

      2. The shape of the Wall Sticker

The shape of the vacant space on your wall will decide the shape of the sticker. If the placement area is in vertical shape, it is wise to go with a tall and thin-designed sticker. On the other hand, a short and wide sticker will do the job for horizontal space. Besides, if you have the entire space on a wall, it is highly recommended to purchase a design having a similar height and width to achieve the asymmetric look.

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       3. The material of the Wall Sticker

Ideally, you will find wall stickers made of two key materials: PVC Plastic and Fabric. Both these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages and attract different sets of the crowd. Let’s learn more about the two materials to better decide which one makes the most appropriate option:

  • PVC Plastic

Here, images or designs are printed on the plastic; therefore, these stickers are incredibly detailed, and you can spot them from a far distance. PVC plastic stickers are significantly cheaper than their counterparts. As a result, many people find it an excellent value for money purchase. Besides, their availability is another factor contributing to its rapid popularity. However, such stickers demand extensive care for long-term use. They can tear easily, which is why it is not recommended to go with the relatively longer and large-sized plastic wall decalsBesides, lack of reusability is the most significant disadvantage of plastic stickers. Once these stickers are stuck in one place, it is nearly impossible to remove them without any tear or stretch.

  • Fabric Stickers

These non-plastic stickers are made up of woven fabric threads. Unlike their plastic alternatives, fabric wall stickers are quite durable, and as a result, don’t tear or stretch easily.  Due to the high-quality adhesive used on the back, these stickers are reusable in nature. Therefore, you can safely reposition them multiple times. The fabric wall stickers make an ideal choice when it comes to decorating a kid’s bedroom. In case, your kid removes the sticker; you have the option to reposition it. However, fabric stickers are relatively expensive. Besides, they are not readily available in shops.

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       4.Online VS Offline

Thanks to the growing demand for the wall stickers, now they are available across various platforms, both online as well as offline. However, it is highly recommended to go with the online platform to avail a better range of options. Besides, the cost of the sticker is relatively lower on online platforms in contrast to the offline stores.

Hence, by following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to purchase quality wall stickers at a competitive price point and have an attractive looking and beautiful interior.

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