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Differences of Vinyl vs Fabric Wall Stickers

Wall Decals and Wall Stickers

Can you live in a house that is boringly colored? Wall Decals and Wall Stickers bring life and colorfulness to the house. Firstly, Wall Decals and Wall Stickers are not the same things. It goes like- “Stickers you stick, decals you transfer.” Stickers refer to the adhesive product that is simply peeled off from the backing paper before sticking it on whichever wall is finalized to décor. Whereas, Wall Decals, on the other hand, are transferred from one surface to another as the need be. Wall Decals usually have three parts; a backing paper, the actual sticker and finally a transfer surface on top. Just imagine like a Ham Sandwich where the bottom bread is the backing paper and the ham and the cheese is the sticker and the top bread is the transfer. Then imagine sticking the ham and cheese on a wall with the help of the top bread only (ok, perhaps not the best analogy after all).

What are wall decals made of?

Wall Decals are mostly always made of PVC-Vinyl because very often they are applied to places where you need the elasticity that the plasticizers give. If anywhere it is seen that a decal is called a vinyl decal that usually means that it is made of soft PVC-vinyl. Polyester wall decals are also available which are made up of recyclable polyester vinyl. Whereas the Wall Stickers can be made of a whole range of different materials, but mostly they are made of PVC or polyester. Paper is also used as the main material for the wallpaper stickers and PVC-free and re-position able polyester.         `

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PVC can sometimes be proved harmful to some allergic people or babies. For them, a Non-toxic and No PVC Fabric can be used. These stickers are green with water-based adhesive. They are proved to be perfectly safe and harmless for the babies and allergic individuals making it safe and environment-friendly.


What are the types of Wall Decals?

You can easily bring oomph to any room without having to commit to a particular style or look by learning about the different types of wall decals for decorating the home interiors. The modern types of wall decals which we recognize today came from the third generation which introduced wall decals with added features as transparent borders and the option to reuse or remove them. The wall decals come in ample number of shapes and sizes to fit any measurement of the wall easily. There are many types of wall decals available like Floral wall decals, Animal Wall Decals, Children’s Cartoon Wall Decals, Tribal Wall Decals, Inspirational Phrases Wall Decals, Religious Wall Decals, Comedic Wall Decals, Sports Wall Decals, Video Game Wall Decals, Music Wall Decals and Measuring Chart Wall Decals. The wall stickers are also available of the same type pretty much as you can go floral on your wall, bring the birds indoor, go tribal, keep a check on how quickly is your kid growing with the measure scale sticker, what’s your magic mantra? Remember thy creator, funny bone stickers any many more types to see through and select on the choice of an individual’s interest. The stickers are available in different shapes and sizes. Different types of wall decals and wall stickers are available according to the need like for boys, girls, and nursery. Self-customized designs can be made on the individual’s needs and expectations that can be easily put to the paper and there it goes on the wall. The family picture can be printed on the Wall Sticker and can be put up on the wall.

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